Friday, January 9, 2009

It's official, I'm a Flexitarian

I knew there would be term for it.

At various times during the past decade the females living in our household made the switch and became vegetarians. I tried usual lures to get them back. Oven roasting with a lovely roast beef to the overwhelming aroma of bacon frying on Sunday morning were all tried to no avail.

Instead my son and I had, by default, with little effort on our part, dramatically reduced our meat intake. However, with the occasional dinner out to Harvey's (and the list goes on) we are not vegetarians.

According to this posting today I think my son and I can be labeled flexitarians. Okay, we do not fit the model of flexitarians they are suggesting. Our meat intake was not reduced because of climate change. However, I feel that being a vegetarian does not necessarily help out with climate issues. There is the small matter of the other things we all do... i.e. all that waste in take out orders; not to mention the other junk in our diets. I'm sure my family can highlight a nice long list of crap I eat (don't bother commenting).

It's Friday. Shelley, shall we eat out tonight (no take away, a place with real dishes)?


  1. Update: Dinner was at home. I prepared vegetarian spaghetti bolognese. Sadly, the two flexitarians eat alone while my wife worked. We, rather I, added a lovely Belgium white beer and bottle of red wine to the table. The last meal with meat I believe was a week ago. Breakfast in the morning with bacon is now required. :)

  2. Craig - Check out the book The Flexitarian Diet by Registered Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner. It is a great book with more than 100 recipes that are quite delicious. I have been following it for about 3 months and I feel great. The recipes offer "flex swaps" for the times when you want to add in some lean animal protein. I usually opt for beans/seeds/tofu but I do get the occasional craving for chicken and turkey so I use one of the recipes from the book and just add my meat instead of the meat alternative. I have also visited the author's website (pretty impressive) and I have downloaded many other recipes for free. She is a cooking instructor in addition to being and RD and she has written for many national magazines and appears on tv quite frequently. Anyway I saw that you were in to the whole flexitarian way of eating and thought you might be interested in this book.