Sunday, February 27, 2011

Excessive browser navigation

Web site designers are continuous challenged with striking a balance with the implementation for various screen resolutions. When content needs to extend the width of the page users with low resolutions find the site more difficult to navigate. Having to excessively scroll the page horizontally and vertically to view content prevents the users from getting a better overview of the page.

When helping people solve various computer issues I find many individuals do not want to increase the screen resolution on their computer. They find text becomes too small. I do not understand how they tolerate the excessive navigation required the view many sites. I am coming to the same conclusion with numerous mobile devices--excessive navigation to get the job done.

If you are a Windows users and want to keep your screen resolution low, but want to reduce navigation issues when visiting specific sites try these hot keys:

Ctrl - (control key and minus sign) to zoom out, increasing screen resolution
Ctrl + (control key and plus sign) to zoom in, decreasing screen resolution
Ctrl 0 (control key and zero) to reset zoom

You should find success with Chrome and Internet Explorer.

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