Friday, September 25, 2009


How dependent are you on the mouse wheel? It is a MUST HAVE. Right? Have you noticed how some applications behave differently with the wheel. Some applications (like Outlook and Picasa) allow you to hover your mouse pointer over a panel or window control, without clicking on it, but the mouse wheel enables the user to scroll the control. And, then there is Windows Explorer. For a long time I have been frustrated when I move my mouse pointer over either of the two panels and the wheel does not work, rather works on the wrong panel, because I failed to give it focus (i.e. click on it).

Well, here is a feature that should be in the O/S.

Well, productivity is about to go up because the grumbling is about to go down. I am an avid reader of Lifehacker, but I missed this posting a few weeks back: Wheel Here Switch Windows with Mouse Wheel.

Download this one as described (i.e. no installer... just plunk the files down and put a shortcut in the Startup folder and... Bob's your uncle.) What I like about this is I can simply hover the mouse arrow where ever I go, roll the mouse wheel and I'm there--or Here as it were.

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