Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tracking genealogical information -- Drupal Content Types

My first two sites with Drupal were: A personal genealogical site with very restricted access; and a site for the Shaver Family Reunion group who are descendants of John William Shaver who settled in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada in the late 1700s.

Check out the Shaver Family Reunion group’s website, also known as the “Shavers of Ancaster”. The amount of site content is still a bit limited, but is growing. With content growth the group comes up with more ideas on what and how to track information.

From a genealogical perspective, you’ll find the obvious content types: person, place, event, and family. From there other types of content are emerging: document, publication, and organization. The idea of a definition and a note content type are coalescing into a content type, I call, write-up. The user can define the type of write-up they want: note, process/procedure, instruction, troubleshooting entry, FAQ, or a web link entry.

Take a look at the Shavers of Ancaster site and let me know what you think (comment here or use the Contact us page on the Shaver’s site. If you are a descendant of John William Shaver you are welcome to submit a request for an account. If not, but you’d like a Drupal site for your family history like this or have ideas you’d like to share... drop me line (use the Contact us form on the Shavers of Ancaster site).

In the meantime, the design and implementation remain very fluid.

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