Saturday, February 21, 2009

Social face2face Networking

My wife recently posted a blog entry on the popular topic of social media networking, (SMN) highlighting the importance of more opportunities with SMN than just web presence with your web site.

Recently, I found some interesting social media networking going on in the retail market---where the media in this case is face to face (f2f).

This past week I have observed that staff in our local Wal*mart have lost that personal touch. Even the greeter is not greeting us. That Wal*mart concept of the greeter needs to be ingrained into all staff members. Employees need to be approachable, show a smile, node a head, or say hello.

The Zeller's customer service representative was very pleasant to me last weekend, however, decided to chew out a student member of staff for sending me to customer service. This act occurred right in front of me. What the Zeller's customer service rep failed to know was how pleasant and helpful the student was to me--perfect sales rep in every way!

I have observed in our local Home Depot store this past month that every member of staff has become the Wal*mart greeter. In every aisle where a member of staff was working I would receive, at a minimum a greeting of a smile that said "hello"--a message that they were approachable. In return to receiving professional solutions to my never ending home improvement issues I continue to return to Home Depot. I couldn't get out of Wal*mart or Zellers fast enough.

So, take those online social skills to your f2f customers.

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