Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Remembering Grace Hopper

Back in college I remember learning about early computers, compilers and the story of the first reported bug.  When learning compiler concepts of the day, students and staff enjoyed discussing stories about Grace Hopper. Keep in mind, as I will remind you from time to time, I graduated before the release of the first PC.

In 1986, while attending the DECUS Spring Symposium in Dallas, Texas, I learned that Grace Hopper was giving an evening talk in the main auditorium of the Dallas Convention Center. I remembering grabbing a quick dinner and finding a seat in the nose bleed section.  Grace was absolutely brilliant talking about the days when she worked on the Mark I and how it was us, the young, that would change computing.

A short time later I learned that Grace was to appear on Late Night with David Letterman.  I immediately found a VHS tape (remember the time period).

Grace was born on this day in 1906.  I wonder if she'd like how software engineering has evolved.

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